Welcome to Advance network support

Technical support at your workstation, in the office, or in the server room is just a phone call away with Advance Network Support. Our technicians can respond to issues remotely or via onsite visits, and we’ll resolve technical problems quickly and efficiently. The key benefit of our IT Support is that you save money by paying for support only when you need it. We do FREE Estimates

We are a locally owned and operated IT company dedicated to customer satisfaction and practical technology solutions. We found the problem and give you solutions right there in your office. If you need a simple upgrade rather than a new computer, we’ll tell you. Sure we could make more money selling you a brand new system, but we are much more interested in creating lifelong satisfied customers. Our company has an extensive experience with Home Health and medical offices field.


Your network is your business’ most critical technology. You need to make sure your infrastructure is always running and performing at its peak…


How safe is your data? In the event of disaster, is it recoverable? No business can afford to risk their information assets’ security and integrity.


Deleted or lost files can sometimes be recovered from failed or formatted drives and partitions, memory cards using a few tool we have.