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Our best-in-class service is made possible through our expansive, experience and knowledge. We, at Advance Network Support focus on small and mide-size business delivering industry-specific technology services, thereby providing personalized service to your company.

User-focused, results-driven.

The results include the right IT design based on your needs, efficient project implementation, fast and personalized support. You will be able to contact us 24/7

Manage IT

Always stay informed of the status of your network bandwidth and system memory usage.

Professional Staff

We have an organized structure of employees that allows us to cover all services professionally at a time according to the demands and needs of each client. Each employee fulfills their role, which leads the company to function in an agile and collaborative way. We always provide you with the best service.

Commercial Data Planning

Our commercial planning enables commercial teams at consumer products companies to collaborate with finance, customer, brand, and marketing teams to build and sustain great brands. Some of the benefits include: shorter planning cycles and more time evaluating choices, integrated annual planning processes and reconciliation of gaps with options available to the business, among others.

Financing Your New Business!

We want to help you to improve your business in an easy and comfortable way. With accessible financing and few requirements. We can help your business to grow and have a greater reach.

Backup & Data Disaster Recovery

As we partner in 2018 with Datto,  we started utilizing  the Datto’s SIRIS, ALTO and other Datto solutions as the primary Business Continuity solution offering local and cloud virtualization, Screenshot Backup all from one simple management interface.

Datto products are designed and tested in the U.S. Our hardware devices come in a variety of configurations with the latest motherboards, 64-bit multicore CPUs, expandable RAM, dual NIC cards, and redundant power supplies. With a number of storage options, Datto offers the flexibility of several different RAID configurations to balance throughput as well as the amount of data redundancy required. And every Datto unit comes with a comprehensive 3-year hardware warranty to protect your investment.

Local and Hybrid back in one solution

IT Consultancy

Business challenges typically do not fall into good, clean categories, but are unique to a company’s danger, opportunity or need. At Advance Network Support, we understand your specific challenge, identify risks, opportunities, and work hard to provide you with effective IT solutions that support the business goals of your company.

Our team, leader by Alex, an FIU Information & Technology engineer, work to influence technologies to address your organization’s goals and execute strategies that grow and/or preserve the health of your business. We listen to your needs and develop appropriate solutions. We invite you to explore some of the more common categories of project consultation. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call. We’re here to help.

See some of the services we offer
  • Business technology consulting
  • Desktop support
  • Training
  • Help procuring your IT equipment’s
  • Hardware & Software
  • Desktop & Server Virtualization
  • Network Design & Assessment
  • Cloud Solution
  • Data Disaster Recovery solutions

Remote Monitoring (RMM)

Network Monitoring Services

We can manage the availability of your distributed IT infrastructure to improve business operations, user productivity and user satisfaction, while reducing costs. We can manage desktop/client devices, servers and network devices & infrastructure.

We will monitor your IT Network and servers ensuring that all of your essential business systems are operational and functioning correctly. Performance thresholds can be set to ensure that early warnings are identified before issues become critical.

Our Network Monitoring Services
  • Servers – Critical signs: CPU, Disk Health and performance
  • Services and Event Logs
  • Applications
  • Printers, Scanner, MFD, MFP, Copiers and other hardware peripherals
  • Microsoft Exchange storage, Network File storage
  • Remote websites availability (hosted CRM etc.)
  • Internet connectivity
  • Backup Status
  • Antivirus Update
  • Patch Management Status Reports

Cloud Services

Access to “Cloud Services” can provide effective and flexible access to key apps and services.

Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud

Access to “Cloud Services” can provide effective and flexible access to key apps and services. Email, cloud documents, etc. The right strategy can reduce the capital expense of implementing and maintaining IT infrastructure.

Cloud Services

Increase the productivity and organization of your business. Set up a private cloud by automating what remains on your premises. The cloud will make everything simpler and more secure. It will reduce costs at the same time that everything becomes more agile to handle.

Cloud Solutions

Improve the speed of your services and thus capture new and better business opportunities. You will be able to develop APIs, and deploy new code to production continuously. You can also migrate the applications you already use to the public cloud so that all employees have access to them and everything is faster and easier.

Computer Support

Desktop Management includes remote support of desktop and laptop computers as well as onsite support for hardware failures

Laptop/Desktop Support

Whether you have a desktop or laptop, our Desktop Support Technicians with an extensive experience in the information technology field will help to analyze, diagnostic and fix whatever issue your computer may have

Proactive Support

By converting from a traditional break-fix arrangement to proactive outsourced Server and Desktop Management, our team become responsible and accountable for supporting client IT environments.

We do this on a full time basis and put measures in place to ensure systems are operating efficiently by taking preventative measures, automating systems, reducing down-time and taking the necessary steps to not only fix isolated problems that arise but also investing additional time and resources to govern the cause of the problem and minimizing the risk of it reoccurring.

Desktop Backup

Advance Network Support offers a range of backup services to make sure system failures are restored according to client expectations. We implement the best of technologies suitable for servers, critical PC’s, applications and services that restore much quicker than traditional methods. Our strategies are more cost effective than traditional services and in the event of failure; we can perform system recoveries in minutes, not hours or days.

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